Suite No.1 for Halldorophone

Max Lilja

Very loosely inspired by the famous Bach cello suites. The suite features the keys of the Bach cello suites as the key notes. The recording is one track performed live, the natural sound of the instrument. Due to length of the piece playback takes a moment to load, be patient.

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Halldorophone is an electro acoustic instrument invented by an Icelandic design artist Halldor Ulfarsson. It's a bit cello like by shape and playing posture, has 4 strings and 4 resonance strings, all miked.  It features a built in speaker. This all creates a feedback loop similar to what you can do with a guitar, high gain amp and a cabinet.  I've had a pleasure to discover and play this mysterious sounding instrument for a while now and I find it highly attempting. It's very physical instrument and as the main principle is to learn to control the feedback resonances it really forces you to rethink the whole concept of playing an instrument. Very cinematic sound somewhere between music and sound design.

Uskollinen Ystävä

Pop song by Konsta Hietanen released in April 2020. Arrangement, cellos and halldorophones.

Maa 2

Music for a poetry video, performed on halldorophone.

1st price in Close and Far - poetry competition, 2016