Buko Boyz Premiere

One of Max’s new projects Buko Boyz premieres in the notorious Helsinki Word Festival on Friday 13th of November 2015.

What would a live poetry festival be without a badass smattering of Charles Bukowski?

One of the most anticipated up-and-comers to storm the stage on the second festival day is the Buko Boyz, who repackage and revolutionize what Bukowski’s poetry has come to mean to millions.

M’fundo Morrison ponders, pries open, fragments, and laughs at the ageless issues of loneliness, women, love, and getting hammered.
Powering and cooling M’fundo is his band, composed of Max Lilja, Jussi Liukkonen and Tuomas Skopa.

Visuals by Janne Laiho round out the madhouse of a tribute the likes of which you’ve never seen.

“Kiss Disneyland goodbye!”

Text: Charles Bukowski
Music: Max Lilja

Voice: M’fundo Morrison
Guitar: Jussi Liukkonen
Bass/guitar: Tuomas Skopa
Cello: Max Lilja

Visuals: Janne Laiho

Director: Kimmo Koskinen


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