Max Lilja is the rock star of the cello. Lilja's music sounds like Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode and Jimi Hendrix. There is only this great Finn with his cello and an incredible charisma.”

Badische Zeitung, 2018

Live shows

Date Event Location
Tarja Ermitazh Concert Hall, Kazan, Russia Ermitazh Concert Hall, Kazan, Russia
Tarja SK Sukhareva, Perm, Russia SK Sukhareva, Perm, Russia
Tarja Ogni Ufi, Ufa, Russia Ogni Ufi, Ufa, Russia
Tarja Tele Club, Yekaterinburg, Russia Tele Club, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Tarja KTZ Baykonur, Tumen, Russia KTZ Baykonur, Tumen, Russia
Tarja Montevideo, Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay
Tarja El Teatro de Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina El Teatro de Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tarja Blondie, Santiago de Chile, Chile Blondie, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Max Lilja Kalevan kirkko, Tampere, Finland Kalevan kirkko, Tampere, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Iisalmen kirkko, Iisalmi, Finland Iisalmen kirkko, Iisalmi, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Oulun kirkko, Oulu, Finland Oulun kirkko, Oulu, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Vaasan kirkko, Vaasa, Finland Vaasan kirkko, Vaasa, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Keski-Porin kirkko, Pori, Finland Keski-Porin kirkko, Pori, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Ristin kirkko, Lahti, Finland Ristin kirkko, Lahti, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Mikaelin kirkko, Turku, Finland Mikaelin kirkko, Turku, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Lakeuden Ristin kirkkko, Seinäjoki, Finland Lakeuden Ristin kirkkko, Seinäjoki, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Kallion kirkko, Helsinki, Finland Kallion kirkko, Helsinki, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Halikon kirkko, Salo, Finland Halikon kirkko, Salo, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Kotkan kirkko, Kotka, Finland Kotkan kirkko, Kotka, Finland
Tarja - Christmas Concert Kuopion Tuomiokirkko, Kuopio, Finland Kuopion Tuomiokirkko, Kuopio, Finland

Max Lilja, Finnish cellist, composer and producer was co-founder of the million selling cello rock band Apocalyptica, has released 3 solo albums of cello electro, Plays Electronica By One Cello, (2013), Morphosis, (2015) and 10 000 Miens, (2018), is composing film and game music and has performed in over thousand concerts in 60 countries.


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